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    I offered 3, I am guessing I will get declined....
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    Lol win!
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    I recently saw a listing of a Stamkos being a 1/1, 19 out of whatever..."look, his jersey # upside down!" I was tempted to email him and say yeah but I don't like displaying my cards upside down... goofy people!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by centrehice View Post

    That is a $3.00 card. What have I typed that you aren't understanding?
    You sound like some angry mafia dude! it is worth whatever some idiot will pay for it, the end. chillax!

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    I'd pay the asking price, but the shipping charges are too steep.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mooneyes View Post
    You sound like some angry mafia dude! it is worth whatever some idiot will pay for it, the end. chillax!

    I'm not an angry mafia dude. I've been at this for 50 years, just don't see how this is a $10.00 - $20.00 card or anywhere near that.

    List any Sedin out of #/99 or #/100 at $4.00 or more plus shipping, it probably won't sell.

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    A few months after I started the thread - lo and behold I'm the proud owner of this "ebay 1/1", at a whopping 99.98% off the original asking price :)

    The original listing, asking a mere $5,000 -

    And after having my offers all the way up to $1.60 (which is higher than I wanted to go, but I was having a bit of fun with it) being rejected, the seller eventually relisted it at 99 cents and that's what it sold for...
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    LOL...Good thing you were patient!

    To think he turned down your $1.60 offer and ended up selling it to you for $0.99...that is funny!
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    It certainly is.

    Have a look at this auction ...... I take issue with it because, were it a true Redneck Drum Kit, the drum in question would have undoubtedly have been a "Busch Light" or a "Keystone Light". Coors Light is a beer of the wealthy middle-class.


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    Quote Originally Posted by centrehice View Post
    Three dollar card
    how much is that card worth again lol
    I collect all Jordin Tootoo cards and memorabilia if you have any fs or ft lmk thanx
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