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    Looking to trade Base Lots for Base Lots

    I am looking to trade base / low end insert and parallel lots of any team for lots of Leafs base / low end insert and parallels.

    Looking for lots of 50 - 100.....

    PM me if interested.....
    LEAFS PC = 5,852 unique cards 12,980 Total Cards

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    I will trade insert and parallel lots

    shoot pm if interested
    WANTED: Serial # BASE SET Parallels /1000 or less any year any player

    CANUCKS WANTED: must be current Roster in Canuck Uniform

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    LEAFS PC = 5,852 unique cards 12,980 Total Cards

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    I'm down, but you'll have to give me a few days until after finals week to get the base sorted out...but I should have enough leafs cards, and I'm always looking for new base for TTM stuff

    do you care about the year at all?
    Please check my inventory before my photobucket!!! It's more up to date!!!
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    Top Want: 2012 Leaf Metal Anna Nordqvist Award Winners Prism Gold 1/1

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    i could do this, shoot me a pm
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    What years base do you have? I'd be interested in late 90s stuff as well as any cards of Tavares, Derek King (still looking for a bunch of his Pacific parallels), Pierre Turgeon and Zigmund Palffy you may have. I have plenty of Leafs to move in return.
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    color codes: yellow/blue/green= incoming or pending/do not need
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    If anyone is interested, click this link from CCM and help me win free stuff as well as enter yourself: Hidden Content

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    what are you looking for??
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    I'll dig for my Leafs when I get a little time. In the meantime, I have a few Leafs in my tradelist to potentially expand the deal. I would be looking for Red Wings.

    Take Care


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    Back from Christmas break... Looking to do some more trades!!!!!
    LEAFS PC = 5,852 unique cards 12,980 Total Cards

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    Free bump. Get my package yet ?
    WTTF Pens/Bolts/Flames: esp. K.Letang, M.St.Louis, J.Neal, E.Malkin, and (O.Jokinen). Would really like some "older" base/inserts.
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