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Thread: '98 P.P. Authentics

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    '98 P.P. Authentics

    Back in '98 they had instant win cards for WHOLE items that were autographed, like gloves, hats etc. & this shoe worn by Rusty in a race which i won in a pack. Any chance of finding some more info & adding this, i traded a WHOLE autoed John Andretti glove away which i also won.

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    If you're going to bring up ebay, dont bother responding

    I collect cards with a US flag on them or US flag themed, Santa cards, cards in my PC of drivers & players that I don't collect will have a flag somewhere on it

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    Not promising anything, but I'll look to see what I can when I can about any of them. If you or anyone else knows anything additional to share, please do so!

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    I've been looking and looking when I have had chances to, but couldn't find much of anything to help. However, that is not going to stop me from adding the ones you mentioned. Since they did come as part of a trading card release and even have a certificate of authenticity from Press Pass, I have gone ahead and added them. They can be found as 1998 Press Pass Instant Win Memorabilia. Hope this helps!

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