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    Anyone not buying sealed products from stores due to lockout?

    We're all angry about the lockout of course...people aren't gonna subscribe to their gamecentre sterams, I certainly don't plan to spend on the NHL directly (replica merch from Chinese vendors woooooot!) but what about hockey cards?

    I usually just stick to buying commons used so I'm curious if anyone here is no longer buying hockey products which are sealed from a store like Walmart or even the LCS? And if you are still buying sealed products then are you only buying them from a place like eBay or kijiji etc?
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    I generally don't buy wax anyways so I haven't been too affected on that front. I've been as active as ever with eBay buying/selling but I have noticed a bit of a drop-off in trading activity.
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    Im not going to touch a 12-13 product. If there are no rookies and the price is the same as last year then you will loose bad. I will buy 11-12 products most likely. If you look in the box break section very little 12-13 products were opened compared to usually. I know its early but certified wasnt opened and UD S1 wasnt as popular either.
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    I may have bought less this far into hockey season than I did the last couple of years, but I'm still buying. Been through three boxes of UD Series 1 already, and may do another before I'm done.

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    I've bought maybe about 20 sealed boxes, which is way down from usual years. It just isn't worth it. $104 for Certified for about $20 worth of stuff. I only buy because I don't want my LCS to go under.

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    I opened several boxes of 2010-11 Certified since they were new to hockey. The last UD box was Victory in 10/11. I no longer buy either by the box, I only buy the singles. I have been breaking alot of ITG product and will continue since they do not have a NHL license.
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    The lockouts definately kept me out of the shops, I've only bought 4 packs of series 1. And that's the only 12/13 product I've touched. If the season is cancelled I see no reason to buy anything hockey related, it's not like there dropping the prices or anything.
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    It may just be a change of habits but I have yet to buy a box for this season. That may change when History of Hockey is released. I still do get that itch to buy packs but have not been motivated to buy much except singles
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    I bought a box-and-a-half of OPC and a box of Score, they came out before the season was supposed to start, and it's cheap product. Then I bought a box of UD I cuz I needed something to do on a lil road trip. BUT THAT'S IT!! No more til there's hockey. ITG doesn't count tho :)
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    Not buying products due to Upper Deck being Richard Noggins for as far back as I can remember.

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