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    Cross referencing players with available cards

    I'm an avid autograph seeker, and I've recently begun attending more minor league games to get autographs from players before they "make it big." Unfortunately, I've found it pretty time consuming to try to track down cards for each of the players on the teams I'm heading out to see.

    Dpes anyone one have any suggestions on how to make this process less time consuming? I've heard of guys who keep team sets together and just move players around as they get traded or move up and down. I have even created a spreadsheet to cross reference players with possible cards available in certain set lists.

    Does anyone have any other suggestions that might make this process more expeditious? Is there a searchable reference source (e.g. on the Internet) that cross references all available cards of a particular player?

    I do this as a hobby, not as a business; any ideas to reduce my prep time before games would be welcomed.

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    If you type the name of the player into the Inventory Manager at the top of the page it will give you a checklist of all the cards that player has. Is that what you are looking for?
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