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    Personally, I would prefer the $6 option, but I will follow the herd on this.
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    I'd rather spend the extra $1 a card than wait an extra 25 business days.

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    Seems like everything is going up after January except my pay check, which is actually going down after January. I wonder why.

    O I am ok with 7$.

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    I vote for the $7 per card at 20 days.
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    7 dollars. 20 day. I have a hard enough time waiting the 20 day lol.
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    I would stick with the 20 day service. I would rather pay an extra $1 for a shorter time frame

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    I don't think the $6 option is an option. 45 day service is over 2 months from start to finish. Way too long in my opinion.
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    Same here I'm good on the 7 just let me know and I'll send you the difference
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    booo BGS!!! we already wait forever for 20 days im not sure i could handle the 45 lol. i can live with spending the extra buck.
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    pay the extra for 20 day!
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