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    5 presspass legends 2012 retail

    Just going to list the 5 hits

    4 pieces of history

    Bobby Allison poh-ba 077/199 red swatch

    Dario franchitti poh-df 084/199 blue swatch

    David Pearson poh-dp 190/199 Creme colored swatch

    Shirley muldowney finally a name I recognize poh-sm 146/199 Creme colored swatch

    They were all race used fire suits

    Autograph next

    Ray evernham lg-re 042/250.

    And there you have it,I think fanfare was the better retail product of the 2,all are available
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    what green parallels did you get?
    Carl Edwards Supercollector!!!
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    The 5 green parallels were

    Ned jarrett 21

    Dave marcis 23

    Shirley muldowney 27

    Maurice petty 30

    Cale Yarborough 37 badly mangled corner on this one.

    There they are if you need any just pm me your address take care Steve

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