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    Appropriate to send card through the mail to player's post career job?

    Hi everyone, My name is Troy and I collect LSU and Saints autographs. I have built up a decent sized collection through purchasing cards on ebay, however there are some players who never had an autographed card produced. I am trying to get into TTM so that I can collect autographs of these players.

    The question in the subject is relating to Matt Mauck, former LSU National Championhip Quarterback. Matt Mauck is now a dentist, and his practice is the only address that I can find for him. I was wondering if you all thought it would be appropriate to send a letter to his business?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Personally, I have never done it, but I have seen many people who have done so and received success in doing so. I think as long as your letter is respectful and you only send once, it would be fine. Just my opinion.

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    I think it is absolutely appropriate. Most former players have more time post-playing, and some are happy to receive fan mail and reminders of their playing days.
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    Yeah not familiar with him, but I've sent to quite a few players through there post football job. Those addresses are usually good too.
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    I have done it many times.
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    Thanks for the help! I'll be sending out my first batch of cards this week. I've got about 15 saints and former lsu players. Wish me luck!

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    i've done it. same success rate as c/o home. some sign, some dont. if the business has a website and I can find the players email, i'll send a permission email first.

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    As long as you write a good letter, it doesn’t matter muchwhere you send your letter. Personally I think the person would like that you’resending to their work rather than their home address.

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    As long as you write a good letter, it doesnít matter muchwhere you send your letter. Personally I think the person would like that youíresending to their work rather than their home address.

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    Best of luck on your mailing. I always like seeing what some of these college stars end up doing after they are done with sports. The trueth is that I have sent to players who have become car salesmen, insurance agents and even ministers with success via their work. You should be fine.
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