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    Mixed figures for sale !!!

    I have the following figures that i'm looking to sale for some quick paypal, I'm looking to get between $10-$15 apiece for them, I also have alot of other figures that is not listed, just lmk what you might be looking for and i'll see if I have it. Thanks for looking , Jerry

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    Interested in the Pujols and I.Rodriguez figures? How much for both of them + shipping?
    COLLECTING :Dennis "El Presidente" Martinez, Nicaraguan Baseball Player Cards and Memorabilia,
    Memorabilia/Game-Used/Auto/Graded Cards of Latino Hall of Fame Players,
    Magic the Gathering New & Old

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    How much for Favre mcfarlane and the starting lineups of Marino and Montana...
    Only collect Eric Moulds and Dominik Hasek...

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