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    Albert Pujols 1/1 & Bryce Harper Platinum Patch Autos FS/FT

    I have the fallowing cards FS/FT. Scans are in my bucket. I have listed the sell values I am looking for on them as well. I am looking for simmilar highend in retrun from football,baseball,basketball and possibly some hockey. I will trade down for multiple cards if it is in my favor, or if it involves paypal, but I am really trying to stay close to 1 or 2 for 1 deals. I will check buckets, so post or pm if interested.

    2011 Topps Triple Threads Albert Pujols White Whale Triple Patch Auto 1/1-$500ish
    2012 Topps Platinum Bryce Harper Gold 3CLR Jumbo Patch Auto /50-$300ish

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    Sick stuff! PM sent! Lets work a deal :)


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    One last bump, both are still available.

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    would you do a cash/card deal on the pujols?
    Currently looking for Lebron Autos, Pujols Autos, Topps Chrome FB Camo auto's, Jean Segura and Exquisite RC/Patch/Autos.Hidden Content

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    CMB for them.


    PM works best if your interested.

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    Both cards are gone. Mods please close this thread.

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