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Thread: Box of 2012 Legends

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    Box of 2012 Legends

    I won the yearlong contest here at SCF and the prize was a box of 2012 Legends. Here are the results:

    Box 1
    Mario Andretti 2012 Press Pass Legends shoe /99

    Ned Jarrett 2012 Press Pass Legends 'Trailblazers' autograph /50

    Box 2
    Bill Elliott 2012 Press Pass Legends sheetmetal /99

    Dick Berggren 2012 Press Pass Legends autograph /99

    At this point I was happy this box was free and I didn't pay for it. The third box made it a lot better.

    Carl Edwards 2012 Press Pass Legends 'Prominent Pieces~!# firesuit/shoe/glove /50

    Don Garlits 2012 Press Pass Legends inscription autograph /150

    I'm a sucker for inscriptions, so I loved the Garlits. Everything but the Garlits is for trade. Thank you Sportscardforum.

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    great stuff man love the inscriptions too
    Carl Edwards Supercollector!!!
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    Beautiful box.
    Life is too short to worry. Bust some packs and just smile!

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    Really cool
    Mario Andretti 2012 Press Pass Legends shoe /99

    I have Peyton Manning
    Peyton Manning 2006 Topps Draft Picks and Prospects Chrome Black Refractors 13
    Peyton Manning PLAYOFF PRESTIGE 07 Stars of the NF #NFL-6
    Brees-Manning PLAYOFF PRESTIGE 07 Passing League Leaders #LL-1
    Peyton Manning UD 2008 Football Heroes #78 (colts)

    nothing big compared to Mario Andretti but if you need them !
    Collecting Marc Denis : 336 cards Cristobal Huet : 292 cards Matt Schaub Juan Pablo Montoya, UD 04/05 Legendary Autos, 2011 Press Legends Motorsports Masters auto

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