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    cardinals winter warm up

    hi was wondering if anyone has been to the st.louis cardinals winterwarm up in st. louis

    i am trying to decide to go or not, it is on my birthday this year jan 19th,20th and 21st.

    im aware of the autograph tickets and wont pay for the high dollar auto tickets...can get autos cheaper online lol
    but id like to get the freebies. and maybe a couple of the 5$ ones.

    ive never been before, does anyone have any photos or stories from the past events

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    The lines are very long to get the guys that sign for free and they conflict with the signings other signings going on. If you aren't paying for any have a better chance at the freebies.

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    oh ok, thank you
    have 4349 different cardinals cards

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    Worth going to though...lots of fun! Go Cards

    Shoot me a PM if you're interested in doing some Cardinals trading!
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    ok cool
    have 4349 different cardinals cards

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