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Thread: Group Break Sweetness

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    Group Break Sweetness

    Hi all. I am still here in sunny warm Middlemount Queensland Australia where it has cooled down to +35 Celsius from the low 40's last week.
    I had some great success on Sunday in several group breaks even though i am 10,000 miles away.

    First i would like to thank Kenney Der for hosting a couple of more case breaks of The Cup. Here is a link to the break where among other teams i had Colorado.
    Previously i had won a Gretzky honorable numbers in one of Kenney's break. That was my best result ever in a group break for me ever until Sunday.
    Not as memorable as the Gretzky but still a couple of sweet hits for sure.

    Next i was in several monster breaks at C&C yesterday. I would like to thank Geoff and Brad for another awesome break. Once again i had Colorado among other teams.The last card tops my Gretzky honorable numbers for the best card i have won so far in a group break.
    I collect this player as well as others from this years Cup so i am very pleased to have won it.

    As always comments are welcomed. Cheers Joel.
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  2. Kronozio
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    Sweet Group Break, Joel. That Landeskog will look great with the Hodgson I just sent you!

    My bucket:

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