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    3 for the price of 2, 2013 press pass

    Well I opened a 2013 box and got these items

    power pick-Logano-/99
    Auto-Logano 12/25(sold)
    Burning Rubber
    Newman 69/75 (PC)
    Kessowski (talledgea) /75

    Not a bad box, got a pc and an extra hit to defray cost. Looking for a hamlin Atlanta rubber- Any Number or Kahne from the 600.

    Notice like in 2011 box the burning rubbers were easy to find but the auto was not.

  2. 2bros - Exclusive 3 (2/19) - Moved 4/25
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    Jamie Mac black and white ?
    I collect Jamie McMurray. I do not deal outside of the USA. I do not do Paypal, I only send cash. I only receive cash or money orders. Only ship in bubble mailers unless I have permission to send in a PWE.

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    Nice hit on the Newman.
    Life is too short to worry. Bust some packs and just smile!

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    Always a guaranteed Burning Rubber. This year they changed to 2 guaranteed Race-used. Autos have always been 1 in 90 or 3 box average. Nice hits though.

    BTW what else you have for trade in Racing. Any Biffle or Ambrose I may need. I have one each of either Hamlin or Kahne. nBoth #/199 golds.
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    I do not accept PWEs

    I actively trade for these drivers: Greg Biffle--Marcos Ambrose--NHRA

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    good box for penske fans with logano bein there now too
    Carl Edwards Supercollector!!!
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    Wow thanks for the comment

    1. No Black Jamie Mac but I still have to rummage through the base
    2. I dont have any biffle or ambrose as ambrose if one my fav as i picked up his burning rubber

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    The Hamlin is the sports clip right?

    Would you do a trade for my kessowski plus a little bonus cash?

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