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    For a more detailed description of Sports Card Forum's Must Send First (MSF) Rules, please visit the Rules page.

    As the #1 hobby trading and discussion site on the Internet, we garner numerous new members daily. As a new member, it is imperative that you establish yourself on SCF as a reputable and credible member of this community. For this reason, we require that all members with a feedback rating of less than 20 send first on all transactions. It does not matter if you are trading, buying, or selling.

    SCF realizes and appreciates that new members may be reluctant to send first in instances when they are selling their cards. If you are not comfortable with sending cards before receiving payment, you have two options:

    1. Develop your reputation on SCF to the point that you have a feedback rating of 20 or greater.
    2. You can use the SCF Escrow Service. Learn about How Escrow Works here.

    Additionally, you will notice that some members have this tag next to their user name:

    These members must, as the tag and text indicates, send first in all of their transactions on SCF - even when they are dealing with new members who have less than 20 feedback. This tag is earned through poor trading practices, either at SCF or other trading sites.

    Many online traders are members of a number of communities. If you are new to SCF but not to trading, and have a demonstrated track record at another community, you may be eligible for a feedback transfer. To see which sites are approved for this benefit, please see the Feedback Transfer Forum and make a request if eligible. Members who have transferred their feedback with a rating over 20 are not required to send first in their transactions - your feedback score at SCF and another approved community can be combined to reach the plateau.

    If you have any questions about how MSF works, please feel free to contact a staff member.
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    Hi, I just want to be sure....If I trade with someone who have a feedback lower than 20 and I include money in the trade, Did I have to wait to received the cards before transfering the money?

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