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    Posting & Trading Guidelines - Please Read Before Posting

    For a more detailed discussion about these guidelines, please see the Rules Page[/URL].

    Posting Guidelines

    SCF offers a wide range of forums. Always locate the proper forum before posting. If you are looking to sell cards, please use the Buying/Selling Forum. If you are unsure, contact a member of the staff to assist you.

    Thread hijacking or trolling is not permitted on SCF. Hijacking a thread is considered taking over a thread that you did not originally create and posting something that has nothing to do with its actual subject matter. Examples are trying to sell or trade cards in a thread where the original thread starter is doing the same or jumping in a thread to elicit information about an item that was not mentioned by the thread starter. To remedy this, simply create a new thread. Trolling is considered making comments in someone’s thread in provocation to create emotional distress towards other people or picking a fight. e.x. If you feel that a trader/seller's asking price on a card is too high, do not criticize that person on the board.

    Members may not bump their own thread more than once in an 8-hour period. Bumping is considered any post that is not in response to a previous post. This includes items such as “ttt”, “bump”, “list updated”, etc. Please note that this rule applies to the trading and buying/selling forums.Posting on a thread in the effort to help another members thread stay at or near the top of a forum, otherwise known as “friendly bumping” is not allowed. Friendly bumps constitutes a post that has nothing to do with the thread topic or just a blatant post, staff will use their discretion when determining “friendly bumping”.

    When you post cards for trade, please combine your lists to a single post instead of having multiple threads for a single card/player. This rule is to help let everyone have an equal chance of having their thread on the front page longer instead of a single person having multiple threads dominating the whole page.

    Always be considerate of your fellow traders - this is a forum that has many members who all deserve to have their threads viewed just as much as you do. By creating numerous threads or constantly bumping existing topics, you are acting counter to the spirit of community of SCF. Excessive postings will be unapproved, and if it is a consistent issue, an infraction may be issued.

    Member-Run Contests Any member who wants to run a contest must first:

    A. Click and read this: Gaining Required Approval for Member-run Contests

    Please do not post any trader's personal information such as addresses, feedback or email addresses directly on the forums. This is private information, and deserves to be protected. It does not matter if they are an SCF member or not.

    There is no gambling of any kind on SCF including fantasy sports leagues, betting cards, betting card cash, or anything that has value.

    SCF Staff members reserve the right to close or delete any post or thread that may be deemed unacceptable or improper for this website.

    Trading Guidelines

    Members cannot trade/sell any of the following:

    Incoming CardsAll items must be in your possession before you can post them in the Trade Manager.
    Weapons – No weapons or weapons components of any kind are permitted to be traded or sold on the site.
    Grab Bags – These are lots that contain a possible chance of certain cards. e.x. "1 of 10 of these mystery packs will contain an autograph!"
    Packs/Boxes – No selling of packs or wax boxes of cards is permitted on SCF unless you are a staff member or sponsor. Factory sealed boxes of cards can be traded, but not packs.
    Custom Cards/Reprints – Anything using a company’s design work, logo, etc., cannot be traded or sold. Likewise, any sort of facsimile of a person’s autograph without their consent cannot be traded or sold.
    Live Animals of any kind are prohibited from being traded or sold on SCF. Seriously, why are you trading animals on a trading card website?

    Group Breaks and Auctions:
    Auctions – No cards can be traded or sold in an auction style or format. This includes time-restricted trades/sales, guaranteed or not. e.x. "Best offer for this card in the next 24 hours gets it!" If you want to run auctions, go to eBay.
    SCF Staff Group Breaks – Only permitted to be conducted by staff. All must get permission from the General Manager.
    SCF Sponsor Group Breaks – Only permitted to be conducted by an advertiser, with SCF Management approval, after meeting specified criteria. Please see the SCF Rules page.

    If you have any questions about these guidelines, please contact a staff member.
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    Hey, I just got a message saying I could get negative feedback for sending cards or a card in a white envelope. I read everything on here about guidelines and nowhere does it say I have to send in a bubble mailer. Also I am new here and didn't know but I will send trades in bubble mailers for now on. If that's the way things are here you should post something somewhere so new people are aware of this, it would help. Thanks

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    Not sure where I can post something. It's a complete set I'd like to trade (or would also sell). 250ish cards, BV 1600. No established sale value for the complete set, biggest single is a Crosby rookie that sells for 100-200.

    Do I post it on high-end? Seems to meet the requirements but it says nothing about sets, just singles. Or in the set builders forum?

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