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Thread: Cards from Honk Kong and China

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    Cards from Honk Kong and China

    Does anybody know if it is okay to buy cards from Hong Knog or china i always see ebay listings from China for basketball cards. has anybody ordered cards from china
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    I have a lot of times. Yeah, sure, there are some scammers in China ... just like anywhere else. Just check their feedback. I've bought cards from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China. Sometimes even with free shipping. Never had a problem.
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    I don't see why there would be a problem. There are a lot of scammers and fakers out there so it just isn't located in Asia.
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    There are some really good sellers from China/Hong Kong. I usually buy from there rather than the US these days since the postage costs are half the price.
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    I have it would be very hard to fake most cards, although never bought patches from there. Unless there is some factory out there making fake cards, I woudn't worry.

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    I have bought stuff form China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. You can get good deals form some of the sellers and there are few that I have bought stuff from that I would do it again.
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    I'm not really into patches/jersey cards but I have bought some nice autos from Asia at a decent price.
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    I had one bad experience with someone from China who's English was so terrible I thought he was lying about everything he said. He wound up making it right in the end and refunded my money since the card came damaged, but the only thing you can do is research and only deal with sellers with lots of positive feedback.

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    So far I have had no negative experiences with buying for Asia. I think you should go for it.I would be much more worried about selling...
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    I've had a greater percentage of problems with transactions via domestic deals as opposed to foreign deal...risk is essentially the same, just the postage from Hong Kong to the USA will cost a bit more.
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