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Thread: 4 packs Panini absolute

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    Walmart Customer Service is the worst out their, I don't shop their a lot after I had to return something even with a receipt they treat you like a criminal and still didn't take it because it was a small item and small items can be stolen.
    The disrespect at Wal-Mart amazes me.

    Anyways great break!
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    Nice hit on the Luck!
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    Hey Steve!! Just LMK Buddy When Ya Have The Time My Friend. Can't Wait To Work Us Up Another Trade.

    Thanks, John

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    they need to start selling cards behind the counter like guns and cigarettes

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    Quote Originally Posted by OrangeCrush7 View Post
    they need to start selling cards behind the counter like guns and cigarettes
    I agree,the only problem would be the wait,you ever see how slow the people that have the keys to the counter locked cases move.
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    Hey Steve!! I Know Your A Busy Man My Friend Just Checking In To See What Kinda Trade We Could Do.

    Thanks, John

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