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Thread: Sereal KHL

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    Sereal KHL

    With their latest release of 5th edition hockey, I was wondering if this is a set that would be added to the inventory or not or does SCF not keep track of foreign releases?

    If you guys want to add the set to the inventory lmk and I'll find the checklist for you.

    I just figured with the lockout and all the NHL players playing in the NHL that there would be a few player collectors tracking down the KHL Ovechkins, Datsyuks, Bobrovskys, etc and would like to add them to their inventory here.


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    We'll put any release in.. junior, euro etc.

    Just need to get my hands on a workable checklist
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    Here would be that workable checklist:
    Searching for: Jagr, Palffy, Stumpel, and Boyd
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    Also Looking for Upper Deck CFL Saskatchewan Roughriders Cards!!

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