Went to the west Toronto show on Sunday, got to help with a table, met a friend there from YouTube, and had an awesome day. Generally speaking, it was a slow day as a dealer, but none-the-less, it was fun

Fast forward to the next day. 5 hours on the phone with Canada Post trying to figure out where the envelops I sent out are, why the tracking number I received was invalid for one of them (it's location is unknown, however I have a feeling they are saying that because it's with the rest) and why I haven't received a ton of stuff on my end as well. The postal system hates me, I hate it. It's like Fehr, and I'm like Bettman, or some combination of that as far as hatred goes. Well, turns out they were all in some store in a bin because they responded with saying everything has been put on trucks, and a mailbox full of stuff today from bubble mailers full of swag from contests, video games to test, and 1 hockey card bubbler, although not the one I was hoping for, I was surprised to find it in my box after only 7 total days. Let's put it this way, there wasn't an inch of space in my mailbox, and I had to pick some up from the service desk because of lack of room. Also, if you want to know what games I got, I'd have to kill you

Anyways.... Onto the stuff you all came here for the pickups:

First up the show pickups, I went to a table, joking around with my friend that I'd find the OEL Victory gold from the KSA guy, who made a mistake in one of his cards, I felt like this guy when I picked it up: The lot cost me a total of $25, which is a huge deal IMO, and once again, all here is for sale/trade, but some may be more expensive to get off my hands then others :P

Oliver-Ekman Larsson PC:
OEL Victory Gold Completes the rainbow!
Rookie Goalie Project:
Andres Lindback Young Gun
Dustin Tokarski Young Gun

Vancouver Giants Memorial Cup Project:
Tyson Sexsmith Hot Rookie Auto

All-time Favourites Vancouver Canucks Project:
Markus Naslund 2002/03 Premier Signatures (First ever auto of him, was excited to pick it up, and is absolutely gorgeous)
Dan Cloutier 2005/06 Sign Of The Times

Oh, the redemption originally didn't have SP written on it. However, upon scrolling through his rookie autos, I came across a few redemptions, I came across it and said hmmm haven't seen too many of these, bought it, looked it up on my phone, and sure enough, it was an SP!

Brendan Smith Elite Rookie Auto Variations! Only one in completed listings on ebay, so they are definitely hard to come by!

Oh, I figured I'd describe the projects:
Rookie Goalie Project: A rookie of as close to every goalie from 2008/09 up to the current year. I'm trying for Young Guns only, but some I will, if the opportunity presents itself, pickup higher end stuff as well.
Vancouver Giants Memorial Cup Project: Get an auto/gu/RC of every member of the Vancouver Giants Memorial Cup winning team in 2007. I had tons of good memories, and want a way to remember this set. I have a picture signed by some of the members I can hopefully get framed at some point or another!
All-time Favourites Vancouver Canucks Project: Get an auto/GU of my favourite Canuckleheads :) Currently, I have Mr. Kesler (Pulled myself) and the Nazzy and Cloutier.

All of the projects aren't major projects, just stuff I'll pick up on the side to pass the lockout.

Also busted a tin of Series 1 for $25. Couldn't go wrong:

MVP of Vanek and Marchand, Canvas of Schenn, and and 1970s of Espo and Trottier

and le Young Guns

Matt Donavan, JT Brown, Chay Genoway, Michael Stone, and a Mark Stone Young Gun Canvas.

Not bad, not bad.

Annnnnnndddddd... for the cool stuff. From a GB last Wednesday (this took 5 days to get here, which is extremely fast). I got the Devils at 12, was going to go with the Sabres, who got the 'E' in Myers from Prime on top of a Stafford HG from Series 1. That being said, I did fairly well, and also a kind member donated his Coyotes to me :)

Brodeur MVP insert
Brodeur Masked Marvels /999
Henrique SPA Rookie Holo FX
Path To The Cup Clemmensen & Zach Parise /399
Path To The Cup Mike Smith & Jonathan Quick /199
Andy Miele Elite Rookie /999

From my breaks awhile back from Black Friday:
Zach Bogosian Score Auto from 2010/11 Score

From a GB I think I got shutout in a long time ago:
Cory Emmerton H&P Auto

And the best card of the bunch, Path To The Cup dual Jersey from round 3:

Brad Richards and Mr. Brodeur himself!

Also from a book draft of Mr. Super Lative the Third, originally picked a Sakic auto /20, but the person after me was a huge Sakic and Avalanche Collector, so picking up another card of a local hero, one who I have fairly close ties to isn't bad:

Looks good with it's brother:

If you happen to hear of the Onyx, I might be interested, but am also willing to get rid of those.

Anyways, that's enough text, I've got 2 more exams left on the board!

OHHHH and also I'm starting up a Group Break Guide Website, so if you've made it that far, I'd appreciate you checking it out here!