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    History of hockey

    Just a quick question for Dr. Price or anyone in the know, The rookies look to be in superb condition for this set!! Just wondered if they are SHEET CUT rookies? I will be opening one box on release day! Absolutely love this Release!!!

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    I believe the rookies are all of older players (or at least not the new crop), so you can pull Howe, Veznia, people like that, so I doubt ALL of them are in perfect shape, but most of them look really good i think
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    They're buybacks. You know that ITG's not going to simply go out and buy some cheap, rinky-dink condition card for a project like this. They're going to scour around to find the very best condition cards available to them so that they bring collectors real value.
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    They had some of them on display at the Toronto Expo and they looked really good.

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