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    3 packs of Black Diamond... BIG HIT!!

    Was contemplating trying a pack of History of Hockey today, but the LCS didnt get their shipment so i went with 3 packs of BD instead

    Pack 1: Base

    Pack 2: Double diamond

    Pack 3: Bobby Clarke Emerald Autograph... Number 4/10!!!!! PM me if interested, looking for cards of Patrick Roy or high end Markus Naslund

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    For 3 packs you got a great hit! Congrats. I was thinking of posting another word to describe this break but it just is not appropriate to ever use that word to describe this with what has happened.
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    Awesome Hit! That card looks great!! Check my bucket if its available. THANKS!
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    Very nice looking card. Congratulations.
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    You Lucky SOB LOL! Congrats on a Case Hit!!! In just 3 packs!
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    really like the design on these ones, well done!!

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    i went to Waynes here in Edmonton after seeing this today at lunch with my buddy, and he bought 4 packs and got the same Filppula!

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    Sweet! Love anything showing the old All-Star jerseys. Heck, that one is going to make me search the bay to see what the others look like. Congrats on the great pull.
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    Emeralds are like Hen's Teeth to pull.

    I pulled a 1998-99 Black Diamond Emerald <><><><> Quad Diamond Parallel of Raymond Bourque back in the day, and it sold for $90.00 on eBay in 2000.

    Emeralds are Uber-Scarce. I only ever opened any Black Diamond boxes for a chance at the Emeralds, and nothing else,

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