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    Skinner Cup triple threat complete! Plus some other adds!

    Well another huge pickup ended one of my Cup sets for my Skinner PC! WOO HOO! So glad to get the last piece in today! Here is my latest Skinner adds plus the finished triple cup set! Enjoy and as always comments are welcomed and appreciated, Brad.

    Minor pick ups!

    11/12 Score The Franchise

    This little sucker ironically was hard to find?
    11/12 Pinnacle Rink Collection

    Next 12/13 BD Quad Diamond

    12/13 UD S1 Exclusive /100

    12/13 Certified GOLD /25(HUGE THANKS TO BLMDEAR)

    Now this one is actually a triple!LOL Yeah I have 3 of these and since there are only 10 made it wasn't a hard decision to make. The numbering is good too if you are into all that Ebay 1/1 stuff!lol

    11/12 SPGU Spectrum 1/10

    And now for the good one! Haven't seen one of these in FOREVER! And since it was the only card left to complete my Jeff Skinner The Cup Triple card set I had to get it. A big thanks to the guys at CNC as that is where I got it and they sent me a free bonus pack with my purchase! So here is the complete set for your enjoyment or mine!LOL

    10/11 The Cup Triple Patches Seguin/Eberle/Skinner (Bottom Left Card)
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    Great set of pick ups you have here. The SPGU spectrum as a nice, clean parallel card and The Cup Triple Patches is a complex card that plays on color and texture. The Skinner patch is particularly chunky, with that big stitching seam going through it!
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