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    Trading these 2012/13 Cavs

    Trading these cavs in the link below. Would like Knicks in return but will consider other stuff. thanks.

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    interested in the Kyrie Floor Generals and maybe the Gibson 1/1 depending on what your looking for it. I don't have a ton of knicks in knicks uni, but check my tradelist and bucket and lmk. Thanks.

    Collecting LeBron James, ANYTHING and EVERTYTHING. Emphasis on RCs!
    Also LF: Irving, Varejao, Ilgauskas, Gibson, Waiters (RC), and Anthony Bennett (RC) in that order. Hidden Content

    I trade by BDV (Ben Denham Value). I will use BV and SV as a starting point, but in the end it is all about what it is worth to me!

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