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    4 Box Bloodlines Break...Awesome Break!! Ronda 1/1

    Went to the LCS today and they had 4 boxes of Bloodlines from the initial release. I always feel the releases are front loaded....this break proves it ;)

    Rua/Griffin Global Conflict Dual Auto /25
    Brad Pickett Red Ink 1st Auto /15 Redemption
    Tyron Woodley PP Auto 1/1
    Carlos Condit Ruby Gear 1/8
    Ronda Rousey Auto /75
    Ronda Rousey Mat /88
    Tiequan Zhan Bloodlines Ruby Base 8/8
    Norifumi Yamamoto Ruby Base 6/8
    RONDA ROUSEY GEAR PP 1/1 !!!!!!!!

    Box 1

    Box 2

    Box 3

    Box 4!!!!!!!!!!

    All are FS..Rondas on ebay
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    Sick condit gear!!!! Great pulls!

    Nice Cruz!
    Main PC: Broncos/Montee Ball/ Derek Carr/Chrome RCs
    LF: TJ Ward/
    Demaryius Thomas/Aqib Talib/Broncos rookie color chrome

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    price in mind for that forrest/shogun?
    bucket:Hidden Content

    Wants: Anything mma as well as nice texans patches

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