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    2008 ud timelines loose pack @wal-mart $.25

    After going practically all day at a show in Mt.Clemens Michigan I went to Wal-Mart to pay some of a Bill for a nice X-Mas gift for my mother. While there I saw a loose 2008 UD Timelines Pack and they didnt know what to charge me so the cashier charged me $.25 for it and in the pack was an Autograph of Clayton Kershaw #'d 07/95. I guess that quarter I spent was worth it eh!!!! Oh and before anyone asks about it NFT sorry.
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    You really do make me sick at times Commish....You know that, right? LOL
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    wow thats awesome.
    Looking for- Lakers GU, auto's
    especially Kobe,Pau gasol, Magic Johnson, James Worthy, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Wilt Chaimberlin, Paul Goldschmidt RC year stuff.Certain MMA cards, anything hellboy related.anything the walking dead related
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    Aren't they supposed to be the $1.48 powerpacks? Just curious.
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    nice luck
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    Target has the power packs,Walmart just has scattered packs due to pack searchers,Nice hit Commish.25 cents well spent,Congrats.
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