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    Show & Tell Contest 5.0 - Week 6!

    For more information and rules about this contest, please see this thread.

    The theme for this week is: Best short printed card (all cards numbered to 25 and under admissible)

    The theme will run from today until 11:59pm EST on Saturday, Dec. 22nd, 2012

    General Rules

    1. You MUST post a new scan/picture of your card with your handwritten ID next to it in this thread.
    2. Only one submission per member per week.
    3. A card can only be submitted ONCE throughout the whole contest, so choose wisely.
    4. If you make a mistake, do NOT edit your post! Instead, create a new one, or your entry for the week will be disqualified. No exceptions.

    Good luck!

    The winner of last weeks Show & Tell Contest is cujofan2000, who will receive 25cc and 2 points in the overall standings! Second place goes to scottkoz20, who will receive 1 point in the standings.
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    ...and anything else that catches my eye!

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    There are short prints... and then there are McDonald's short prints. This was by far the toughest non 1/1 I've ever acquired, so it only makes sense I show it in the short print week. Love that it has a nice swatch of the whale's eye from the Canucks logo!

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    Visit the home of the Daniel and Henrik Sedin Collection Hidden Content
    Most Wanted List
    Superlative III Daniel Jumbo Patch Gold 1/1
    Any Sedin 1/1 (except printing plates)
    Any SPGU By The Letter Sedin card
    Any Sedin Panini Prime Genuine Marks or All-Star Locker Nameplate card
    02-03 BAP Sig Series Team Quad TQ14 x/10

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    Bonjour! Don't want to hurt my chances by showing the guy on the back!

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    The Yzerman... not that it matters, since I'm not officially in it anyway.. ha ha

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    Let's try this one - only 1 around...

    Looking for: Panini Prime Colors - Retired Players, ITG Enshrined Mega's, Nameplates and Emblematics and Superlative Jumbo Emblems!
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    Collecting: Crosby, Malkin & Jeff Hoggan
    Newest PC Player: Nick Holden (Blue Jackets)

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    Quote Originally Posted by JamesGang1 View Post

    You out bid me on that thing by...........a lot, sir. AWESOME card.
    Hidden Content Hidden Content Hidden Content , you FAVORITED a complaint? Did you even read any of it???

    Hidden Content Hidden Content We thought you were a Pierre-Marc Bouchard fan.

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    Upper Deck MVP - Peter Forsberg - Game-Used Baby-Doll Autograph, Hand-Numbered #3/4

    This card is Uber Scarce !!!
    Collecting many HOF Cards, Old OPC, Old Parkhurst, Old Topps.

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    Should probably not include 1/1's.. lol. There's just too many of the things nowadays. It's seems more rare to have a /4 than a 1/1.
    PC: ITG/The Cup/Masterpieces/Canada Theoren Fleury, Colin Wilson YGs/RCs, Mike Murphy (BTP + YG excl.), 08/09 BD GUJ K. Lehtonen, 06/07 H+P Gloves B. Comeau, K Ramo RCs, E. Etem #'d RCs, Artifacts Team Canada /299

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    Wow... some beautiful cards posted already!

    Anyone have any more for us to see??
    ...and anything else that catches my eye!

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