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Thread: Tell Me About COMC

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    Tell Me About COMC

    So I am new to COMC. If someone with experience could tell me about it that would be great! How do I know if someone is safe? Thanks
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    On COMC you arn't buying directly from any sellers. You're buying from the site (which I would consider very safe).

    The way they work, you send the cards you wish to sell to the site, they put them in the inventory.... you set the price. Not sure what kind of a commision they take for selling (I have never sold there) but that's pretty much how it works.

    The great thing for buyers is - you can buy a single cards from multiple sellers, and get a single combined shipping charge.

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    I agree with 30Ranfordfan. I have made multiple purchases of anywhere from 8 to 20 cards, they are great for picking up low end stuff and not having to eat a bunch of shipping. My experiences are all good, fast shipping and well packed.
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    If I remember well they charge 20% so selling base cards and insert work well in that sense but if you want to sell bigger cards then it's very expensive and take time to remove cards from the site. So I suggest using it to sell lower ends only. But like I said the issue is that it take time to get them there and in there inventory and may take time to remove them and have sent them back to you with a cost. This is why I say it's fine to buy lower end, may also be a good solution to sell lower end but I never really bought mid and high end cards there. Also it's a safe place to buy with the combine shipping ( you can get them cheaper due to shipping costing less) or sell as they handle things for you if the 20% does not deter you.
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