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    Two Blasters of 07-08 UD1 - HUGE HABS RC PULL!!!

    Many long-time friends and members here are possibly aware that I have never once actually pulled a Carey Price RC of any kind.

    My wife once pulled a Victory RC in a single UD2 pack she bought, but me? It's all via trade or sale. LOL Hand in hand with this fact is that I have pulled NUMEROUS Jaro Halak RC's over the past five years. At least 4 YG's, a couple OPC rookies, and even his SP Authentic RC. The guy haunts me, all these years later and after he's been shipped outta town.

    Anyways, my LCS has 07-08 UD1 blasters on sale for $15 and since I'm pretty much done Xmas shopping I thought I would treat myself to a couple.

    First box is pretty unremarkable - Rob Schremp and a GU of Rod Brind-Amour. Weird that it had only the one YG in it so I'm guessing the jersey (at 1:48) is in lieu of; or I'm just unlucky. For now...

    Second one yields a Dan Girardi YG, a Ryan Getzlaf Hometown Heroes and a Brind-Amour Selke Award Winner.

    Then I'm down to the last pack and I know there's a rookie in it. Suppose I could have sold it on eBay as a "hot pack" haha - I thumb through and I can see a tinge of red border, then the foil "Canadiens" "YOUNG GUNS" and "G" - my heart starts racing, could it finally be the end of a 5-year curse? I move it slowly....slowly....and.....


    Unbelievable. He's now up 5-0 on Carey for me. Some guys just have all the luck! haha

    All are available.
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    lol, next time.
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    :) You'll land him one day... I bought my first box of 07-08 UD back @ the 2010 Spring Expo *which lead to me getting back into the hobby after 10+ years ... 2nd from last pack.. bamn Price was playing hiding go seek... he turned into a tavares YG... Via Trade in 2010 Bought 2 retail boxes at this falls expo this year after kicking myself for trading him, ... last pack last box bamn Price came out... * he's @ BGS right now having a coffee w/ the guys waiting to get evaluated* I hope he comes back 9.5 or a 10..

    Hope you and the family have a good holidays RGM81, lets hope santa brings you some 07/08 UD1 w/ some C.Price in it.

    - Ryan -

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    Thanks Ryan, I appreciate it. Cool story too!
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    Lol that's funny! One day you'll pull one and hopefully it's a big one to make up for all the time you've pulled Halak instead lol
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    Haha, still a nice pull though!

    I got lucky with Wal-mart Blaster boxes... I've managed to pull 2 Carey Price YGs from them. I've also pulled Kane/Backstrom from other UD1 boxes, but NEVER a Halak... I had to buy that separate.

    Keep trying man, one will show up.

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    oh Rich haha, that some bad news! even I pulled a Price from retails packs and my luck STINKS lol
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    Wow, that is no luck. I did pull a few back then. Actually two YG, victory and maybe one more from a other brand. Now I am only missing one rookie (18/19) and it's the most expensive one, The cup. But I have the gold version to compensate. One day I will get it and will finaly be able to say I have all rookies. But not sure when I will have that much to invest into one card.
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    I kinda wished they hadn't shipped him out <g>....

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