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    Send me your wantlists! Selling cards cheap...

    Hey everybody I'm finally back in action! I was gone for a while, but now I'm back and looking to get rid of my cards for cheap. I know you've all probably heard this routine before and then when it comes down to negotiating time there's really no deal at all. This is not the case with me, if you check my feedback I've done it before and I'm looking to do it again. I really only collect baseball (Ripken in particular) but I do have some basketball, football, and very little hockey. So what I need from you is your wantlist and I'll do my best to keep up and let you know what I have. Thanks y'all!

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    Nolan Ryan or Jeter? Or vintage stars?
    #1 want is Peyton Manning cards I need.

    Also looking for:
    Nolan Ryan cards I need, #'d Whitey Ford cards, Peyton Manning, Chris Weinke

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    timfsu2k-I'll work on the Ryan and Jeter list for you but first check out this Whitey Ford card I got...

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    Hey bud, clear out your inbox, I have a PM to send :)
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    Looking for Buffalo Sabres (Tyler Ennis, Marcus Foligno, Gilbert Perreault etc.)
    Looking for New York Yankees (Jeter, Granderson, A-Rod)
    Looking for HOF GU & Autos

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    timfsu2k-pm sent w/ jeter/ryan lists, I don't really have any high end vintage stars just some newer common/inserts any interestin those?

    dejkhsne-sent as many lists as you want just keep in mind I have thousands of cards so it might take a little bit to find what you need, just a heads up but I certainly don't mind :)

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    Do you have anything from my wantlist? Link is in sig, thanks!
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    dodgersalltheway-just off the top of my head I know I have the Ryan golden great '12 topps but lemme take a look and see what else if any I might have for you...

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    Don't forget to check the # on it to make sure its the right one
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    I know I have that #'d Ryan, don't worry you're not dealing with a noob when it comes to cards ;)

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