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    Quote Originally Posted by Gallinator View Post
    Hello! If you are currently the high bidder on this item on eBay, please send me a PM. I don't want to collude or do anything shady, but we run into each other all the time on these and I would like to get a feel for what you still need for the set. Thanks!

    I found the bidder! LOL, it's like a Secret Santa or something, since we had done a GREAT trade recently and I had no idea he was outbidding me on this stuff for the past 18 months!

    I love it when a plan comes together...
    LF this ITG Decades 1980's Autograph: AMM2 - Mark Messier CAN SP. Also need many Emblems and Numbers from ITG Decades 1980's and may need Quads, Golds or other low print runs from that set.
    PC includes Sakic, Vaive, Salming, Lafleur, Shutt and anyone named Stastny except Yan. Also buying Tokarski rookie year cards if priced right.

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    Damn, that Hall looks like it was a beauty, too...quel dommage!
    LF this ITG Decades 1980's Autograph: AMM2 - Mark Messier CAN SP. Also need many Emblems and Numbers from ITG Decades 1980's and may need Quads, Golds or other low print runs from that set.
    PC includes Sakic, Vaive, Salming, Lafleur, Shutt and anyone named Stastny except Yan. Also buying Tokarski rookie year cards if priced right.

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    give him negative thats just insane...
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    Collecting High-End Salming Game Used Mem/Auto cards

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    Looks like i have 4 days to hit the lottery lol

    I couldn't even guess what the final price point would end up at but it will certainly be fun to watch this one.

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    The 51/52 Parkhurst has a lot of big money collectors out there. The same seller (PWCC) has up a Maurice Richard PSA 9 as well. One of these cards will probably be the most expensive hockey card sold this year. The high grades of those two do not leave PC's at all. When they do there are multiple big money collectors out there waiting. I wouldn't be surprised if either one passed 20k because the collectors realize after this auction they may have to wait 4 or 5 years for another Howe 8.5 or Rocket 9 to come up again.

    ****For the highest hockey card sales I do not count the "completed" sales of the oilers RC shields and cup black 1/1's that went for big dollars as they have been from the same seller and there has been some controversy as to if any of the cards have actually changed hands or if it was done to inflate the cards value for a local sale.
    TOP WANTS 07/08 ITG Ultimate Cornerstones /9
    any and all

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    Garbage? Really? Lol

    Quote Originally Posted by bdiam View Post
    Not sure what it is with certain "people" these days but I guess the adult websites must be kicking more trolls off of their sites and thus, these trolls have nowhere else to go?

    I heard from a couple of sellers about a "real winner", who apparently takes pleasure in making insulting bids on your listed items - as I said - a "real winner". In most cases, I would care less as I have cut-offs and for the most part, stupid offers are automatically declined. What makes this winner special, is that he apparently also adds his own special "comments" to his bids, which are solely intended to "bait" the seller into responding/replying to the troll. Unfortunately, when most people reply to him or tell him that he's been blocked, he automatically informs ebay and makes all sorts of ridiculous claims. In-turn, ebay then contacts you and wastes a bunch of your time or worse.

    It is well worth the five-minutes of anyone's time, to go and block this troll and avoid the future drama that you may receive. It was bad enough when you had to worry about non-paying buyers, then Paypal chargebacks and then the whole DSR BS but when somebody is so pathetic that they only go out to place bids/antagonize you to garner attention for themselves, you know that ebay has problems.

    The ebay user id to block is - moderncowboy0
    I sent him a low bid, which I am entitled to do and in the comments explained why. He posted a Zach Parise auto patch gold rainbow #/9 from The Cup. He advertised it as a RC which when I researched it on Becketts website has it listed as an auto/serial/memorabilia (not RC). As with most parallels it is not a true RC.

    I will give him a pass in regards to labeling the card as the Beckett employee who graded the card wrote RC in the title (mistake). The true title is 2005-06 The Cup Autographed Rookie Patch Gold Rainbow (Rookie only parallel set). As with most really short prints Beckett will not give it a price. As a collector you can arrive at a reasonable price on items like this by making comparisons. The Crosby #/87 version of this card is listed at $4000. This is $2000 less than the "real" Crosby RC with a larger print run #/99 ($6000). The price for the "real" Parise auto patch RC #/199 from The Cup is listed at $400. There are a couple cards that are list at most $100 more in the rainbow version, but to inflate the price from $400 to $2500 for a card that isn't even a true RC ???

    Anyways as a collector I found the price to be insulting. Apparently the other 99 people who viewed the month old auction shared a similar point of view as my offer seemed to be the only offer. Anyways I hope that anyone who may have hastily blocked me will choose to reverse it. Perhaps I was a little harsh by telling him "2,500 is insulting to collectors everywhere", but I think that as consumer I have the right to voice my opinion whether someone is going to like it or not. Inflating prices on ebay is nothing new, but it has an affect on our ability to collect the cards we desire. Oh and as for him judging me on my character, here is what he wrote back to me. You be the judge of who's character is in question :

    Dear moderncowboy0,

    (1) you're a piece of garbage
    (2 you've been blocked
    (3) as of this past half-hour, (29) other ebay sellers (and counting) have blocked you from bidding on their auctions.
    (4) your name and ebay id have been posted on other sites, to warn/protect other sellers from having to deal with you

    It's not our fault that you're lonely and a loser, so please go back to whatever hole you crawled out of and leave ebay.

    All the best.

    Maybe after reading this you'll decide to block this guy (bdiam) instead. Let's face it are you really going to spend hundreds of $ more buying cards from this person?

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    Here is a new eBay clucker nucker:

    Buyer buys redemption card from me. Buyer gets card, redeems card.

    Buyer contacts me and says that he was expecting the redemption card to be a lower serial numbered. (It was for a 12/13 Limited Monikers card serial numbered /99). The scan of the redemption does not say /99. While the auction was going on, another bidder contacted me and asked what the serial numbering was. I said I believed it was /99.

    Anyways, Buyer demands a full refund because the card was not serial numbered /25. I said I would send them a partial refund OR they can wait until they receive the redemption and then mail me the actual card and I will give a full refund. Buyer sent me long rants (I believe they were drinking as these messages were sent in ALL CAPS and in the middle of the night) and insists a full refund is warranted. I tell them they can take the partial refund or get nothing.

    Buyer files claim with eBay. eBay rules in my favor. "Buyer cannot return item in the same condition it was received."

    Buyer then leaves me my first negative feedback (over 3000+ sales with 100% positive).

    Lesson: People are stupid. Avoid this buyer at all costs.

    If you want their name, just PM me.

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