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    Why are 2010 UD Soccer boxes more expensive?

    Looking at buying a 2010 box of UD Soccer, as I'm still chasing a Freddie Ljungberg MLS Marks /30. I know it's a long shot to get the one card I'm chasing, but you never know...

    Just wondering, the 2010 box at Dacardworld has been holding it's value at $119.95, whereas 2011 is $69.95 and 2012 is $67.95, does anyone have an idea why this is? Is it simply the inclusion of the Womens soccer in the 2010 set as well?

    Any comments appreciated

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    Do many other places have boxes of them? Just thinking maybe there aren't many left and they have an inflated price due to that.

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    Heh, I didn't think of something obvious like that. Someone has a couple on ebay at $129.99, but that's all I can see at first glance. You're probably right mate.

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    I think both rarity and the inclusion of women's cards (these sell surprisingly well) are both part of it as well as the fact that this was the first time Upper deck split the product into both hobby and retail versions. In previous years hits were hard to come by, you usually got 2-3 jersey cards per box and autos were especially rare at only 1-2 per case.

    With the 2010 hobby product you got 5 guaranteed hits per box, including an auto , a patch and 3 jerseys. Initially the hits as well as boxes sold very well so the price rose. I don't think many boxes have been selling lately though since I haven't seen many singles on ebay, so I think it's only a matter of time before the prices come down a bit.
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    Aye, I'll keep an eye on the price and hopefully it'll lower soon. In saying that, hopefully a Ljungberg pops up sooner rather than later.

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