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Thread: 2012 Topps set needed.

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    2012 Topps set needed.

    A few months late to the party, but figured I had majority so I mind as well complete the set. I am really only looking to trade or purchase at a very cheap rate. I have base Topps and a ton of Chrome base/inserts/ref. Let me know if I can help you out.

    2012 Topps needs:
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    I collect vintage in all sports and rookies. However, I do love any Red Sox, Bears, Penguins or Celtics that I need for PC! Need 1959 Topps Baseball cards for a set (ending stages). My cards come from smoke free environment, so please be upfront if your cards are not. Also if your cards are creased or bent, be honest about it.

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    i'm in the same boat. trying to put this thing together too. i can hit on these: 99, 136, 154, 184, 196.
    it's not much but... can you help me out with 5 back? my wantlist is here:
    Primarily adding to my Don Mattingly collection. Also looking for Mickey Mantle, Atlanta Falcons, and whatever else catches my eye...
    bucket (not much but something for someone): Hidden Content

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    Hey!! Sent Ya A PM Also But Gonna List What Card's I Have For Ya.

    #6,17,25,37,56,67,74,82,86,98,102,144,149,158,174, 184,196,224,227,247,249,251,262,263,313,327,341,34 9,361,394,412,425,439

    Thanks, John

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    I have #s 98,341 and 394.

    just looking for any 2012 Pittsburgh Steelers
    WANTED: PITTSBURGH STEELERS anything, Pittsburgh Pirates

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