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    2012 Topps Chrome Orange Refractor set

    Orange Refractor Needs:
    2,4,6,8,13,16,17,18,20,29,32,37,38,40,45,54,59,63, 64,68,73,80,83,84,86,87,92,95,96,104,108,109,111,1 14,116,118,120,124,125,
    127,128,129,131,139,146,148,150,154,158,160,163,16 4,168,172,176,
    178,180,188,195,200,206,207,208,210,216,217,219,22 0


    looking to trade other inserts/parallels/refractors, will trade some jersey or auto cards but not looking to trade down.
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    Collecting Bears, also pick up Vikings for fellow traders.

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    i have these

    188,180,160,154,150, 148,129,127,95,30,18,9,6,4,2

    i would be looking for browns colored refractors and 2012 rookies of richardson, weeden, luck, griffin, russell wilson
    wanted: cleveland and pittsburgh pro athletes and football hall of famers

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    Buying at all? I have these

    #4, 16, 109, 164, 188, 190

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    Curt, I will pm you, likely after xmas if I don't tonight.

    roro17, what price are you looking at, I usually buy lots for cheap though (unless there is a good player).
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    Collecting Bears, also pick up Vikings for fellow traders.

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    The ones I have are

    Riley Rieff RC
    Keshawn martin RC
    Ryan Tannenhill RC
    Andy Dalton
    Steve Smith
    Reggie Wayne

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    I have these Orange Refractors:

    8,32,63,68,83,84,92, 104,111,116,118,124,128,148,178,208,217

    I am looking for anything from my 2012 Topps Chrome needs:
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    2012 Topps Chrome Set Needs: Hidden Content

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