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    Thumbs up An old relic back for the time being lol

    Hey gang-

    I haven't been around in about 4 years (I logged in a few times and browsed for a minute, but never stayed). I am hoping to get my Chris Brown collection started back up again soon. I was a moderator here for awhile back in the olden days lol (2003-04 or so).

    I recently moved back home to Southern mom just passed away last month so I made my way back to where I grew up. It's tough, but I'm getting through day by day.

    I am looking forward to saying hi to the other old relics of the site, and greetings to the folks I haven't met yet!

    For those who don't know/don't remember - I collect Chris Brown (Former CO Buffalo, TN Titan, Houston Texan) Autographs/Multi Color Patches/Multi Colored GU/One of Ones. I have squat to trade with (A bunch of the guy I collect lol) but I am trying to get my feet wet again and looking to maybe pick up a few inexpensive deals. Have my first transaction in years going on currently for one of his autographs I don't have yet....yay!

    A little more about me...I am a female collector (not sure how many are still around here). 48 years old. I have been collecting since I was a kid, with a few breaks in between.

    Well, thanks for reading and I hope to see y'all around! :)

    COLLECTING Chris Brown autos & multi color patches

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    Welcome back Rima! I wasn't around back in those days. Actually, I was still trying to not fail high school in those days ;). Good luck with your Chris Brown collection. I am a huge titans fan myself, having grown up in Tennessee. I'll see ya around the boards!


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    Rima, welcome back to the boards. I'm in the same boat as Steve with not being around back in the olden days. I'm sorry to hear about your Mom as you and I will be dealing with the same thing this holiday season. BOL with your Chris Brown collection.

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    Hey Rima, Welcome back to SCF.

    RIP Buddy (2004-2016)

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    hello and welcome back
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    Hello, and welcome back to SCF... I have recently rejoined the SCF community, but I was not gone near that long. Pick up where you left off.

    -Robert Lewis
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    Thanks so much folks!! I appreciate the posts :)
    COLLECTING Chris Brown autos & multi color patches

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    Welcome back Rima !!!

    Old Relic -
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    Thanks Dave, good to see other old relics here lol!

    I really am glad to see that this site is still doing well. It seems card shows have all but died, and even ebay seems different as far as finding stuff goes. Not too many actual auctions, mostly BIN or BO stuff for ridiculous prices.

    I hope everyone has a good holiday!
    COLLECTING Chris Brown autos & multi color patches

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    Sorry to hear about your mom and I can only imagine how it is. As I love my mom and know when she gone I will have a hard time dealing with it. So my condolences on her passing. Hopefully, you have family to support you.

    As for female collectors there is quite a few on the hockey side that I know of. Wish you the best in getting back to the hobby. Need anything just holler.

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