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    1x History Of Hockey (mojo)


    first time I heard of this product, I thought of it as a real cool product with the chance to pull
    authentic vintage rookies.

    today I had a good feeling and visited my LCS, ending up with just 1 Box/Pack of History Of Hockey.

    Glad I did...












    the card was only inserted 1x, so this is actually a 1/1 vintage rookie

    never would have thought that I could pull one of these great cards

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    very nice pull man, what are the chances of taking that off your hands??..

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    WOW! You hit the jackpot, my friend. That is a tough card to find. I've wanted one since I was a kid. Very nice!
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    Looking for: Patrick Roy, 80s OPC, 72/73 OPC
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    Oh my! That's one of the ultimate cards anyone has ever pulled out of any trading card product! Along with the RCs of Orr and Vezina, that's probably the best card anyone could get.

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    i had one years ago, fount in at a yard sale when i was like 12 , ended up selling it about 10 years later for like 450

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    Ho-Lee-CRAP!! That's an AMAZING pull! Congrats! AND it's in great shape! Get that sucker properly graded. If i were you I wouldn't even consider opening anything else. You won! LOL!
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    Last weekend I bought a Rocket Richard Rookie for $275 at an Ottawa Card show. It was G-VG though... That one is in much nicer condition. I guess you paid about the same for the box/pack yours came out of! That is a beautiful pull! Congrats.

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    Beautiful card. Congrats!
    Main wants: Schneider Cup RPA, OEL 1/1s and highends
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    sweet...first rare vintage rc I've seen from a History break - love it. Congrats on the hit.
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    Great pull on the RC !!!!
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