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    Best of 2012 - Post Your Best Autograph Pickups of the Year Here!

    Today our theme is going to be autographs. As much as we love memorabilia pieces, I think that autos still remain the cream of the crop for collectors.

    Let's see those beautiful autograph cards that you picked up in 2012!
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    I picked this up early in 2012 at one of the Halifax Card Shows (this is how long ago I got it! LOL) - nice auto of St. Patrick!!!

    Always a fan of a nice gold paint-pen auto:

    Cards are cool and all, but uh, I think these four top everything!

    Carey Price fan and collector!
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    Also collecting: Subban, Gallagher, Galchenyuk, Pacioretty, and many retired legends!

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    The Sedins don't sign for Upper Deck anymore it would appear, so not a whole lot of pure auto cards, all my nice pickups are from Panini / ITG.

    From Contenders, some nice hard-signed gold versions of NHL Ink:

    And the black 1/1 parallel of Henrik

    A sweet replacement Panini sent me for two redemptions that ended up being lost/destroyed - the Private Signings 1/1!

    From 10-11 Ultimate Memorabila, only found these recently... the gold 1/1 auto cards:

    And from 11-12 Ultimate Memorabilia, another gold 1/1 auto:

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    Oooooooooooo where do I start?

    Limited to 10 each....................

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    Here's what I consider to be my Top 5 Auto pickups of the year!


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    Gunna have to go with the Broad Street Boys Bobrovsky Auto Orange version /10 as my best pick-up.

    Went to the LCS on on the BSB release date, owner opened a couple boxes himself and pulled it and with him knowing I collect Bobs he gave me a nice deal on it.

    I check ebay newly listed and completed listings religiously 5-6 times a day and have yet to see a single other Orange Bob come up.

    Love the design of the BSB autos and the orange /10 SP's are a nice extra, this is my second favorite Bob of the pc after the one in my avatar.
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    First up, got this directly from the Lincoln Stars Booster Club, didn't even know these existed until it came (bought out the base version and they threw this is in)

    Next, what may be my favorite card. When I saw the preview of this card on the Knight's Lance, I knew I had to have it. My dad worked with Keith when he was the head coach for the Hawks in the 80s and had a very close friendship with Keith. This card is very meaningful to both of us, and is actually one of four autographs we have of him.

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    Sidney Crosby Auto/Patch /10!! Just picked this baby up! By the way, it is for sale..LMK if interested
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