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    2012-13 ITG History of Hockey

    Any plans to add the Buybacks & Autos from History of Hockey to the database?

    Checklists for all of them are here:

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    Not really.. a case with a sticker on it doesn't fundamentally change the card.. maybe the ITG buybacks but definitely not the auto's and rookies.
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    Yes I recommended to Bauldie to get the buyback in, since they are serial and identified to the release but the is no way to prove rookie or in person auto are the card from that release as anyone can have card identified and there would be no way to track them really. I know some sell for much more but I do not understand why one would pay more except for the fact some rookie are in really good condition. But in time, there will be no way to proove any of the RC and auto came from this release as they are becket or PSA authnticated and not tied to ITG in any way shape or form.
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    Ya I realized that after I'd posted the thread, I was looking at my Gretzky and noticed there's no way to tell it from any other PSA/DNA authenticated card.

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    added the ITG buybacks
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