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    Welcome Kyle! Have you posted over in the feedback transfer to have that feedback transferred over? I may be able to help you with that lower end stuff. I bust quite a bit of stuff.
    Super-collecting Jake Locker.

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    Hello and welcome to SCF!!
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    Buying Quincy Carter GUs and Autos
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    Welcome to SCF Kyle, have fun here and enjoy yourself!
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    Bucket Updated 2/12/15

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    Quote Originally Posted by FreeManKind View Post
    Hows it going folks. New to the site but been in the hobby since I was a kid. Mainly a Set collector and low end trader but love checking out the Big hits. Hope I can get some good deals made on here.

    -Kyle B.

    Welcome bud. I'm new here too. I live in the SF Bay Area. Can look for anything specific you like to collect and hold it for you.

    I like all things seattle. especially auto refractors.

    Thanks man

    Looking for Ken Griffey Jr Stuff

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    Welcome to SCF Kyle
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    Collecting Roethlisberger and Charlie Batch
    “The only real failure in life is not to be true to the best one knows.”-Buddha

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