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    Christmas Box BReak: Prizm: NIce looking product for sure

    I did not get a gold, but I feel I did pretty good for $100 dlvd price

    RC Auto's
    Shelvin Mack
    JImmer Fredette

    Key Rookies
    Damian Lillard X2
    Anthony Davis

    Finalists Rondo, Shaq
    MVP LeBron, Shaq

    PRizm Refractors: DeAndre Liggins, E'Twaun Moore, Malcolm Lee

    LEbron James USA Refractor and this card is very sharp.

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    If you pulled a Bradley Beal please check me for it :)
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    Nice break man!!!
    I ship once a week on Monday or Tuesday and only can check my mail once a week to confirm trades have been received. Please pm me if interested in seeing my FB and BB trade lists.

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    nice break! Check me please for the 2x LeBron inserts as well as any LeBron or Dirk base if you're trading r selling . Thanks.
    Collecting LeBron James, ANYTHING and EVERTYTHING. Emphasis on RCs!
    Also LF: Irving, Varejao, Ilgauskas, Gibson, Waiters (RC), and Anthony Bennett (RC) in that order. Hidden Content

    I trade by BDV (Ben Denham Value). I will use BV and SV as a starting point, but in the end it is all about what it is worth to me!

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    I'm trying to put this set together. Do you have any base you would want to trade?
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