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    Some recent Lundqvist pickups

    Been finding so many Lundqvist game used cards being issued and all commanding such high prices that I've been concentrating on getting autographed cards.....

    10-11 UD The Cup Enshrinements #31/50

    11-12 Panini Crown Royale All The King's Men Jersey Patch Signatures #4/10

    11-12 Panini Dominion Ottawa All Star Embroidered Patch Signatures #13/15

    11-12 Panini Donruss Elite Passing The Torch #25/100

    11-12 Panini Limited Back To The Future #4/25

    11-12 Panini Limited Team Trademarks Signature Materials #36/49

    11-12 Panini Titanium Quad Memorabilia Autograph #1/10 and #5/10

    11-12 SP Authentic Marks Of Distinction #10/25

    but just couldn't resist these....

    11-12 Panini Prime Genuine Letters Q #5/9

    11-12 Panini Prime Genuine Letters V #6/9

    11-12 Panini Prime Genuine Letters T #9/9

    any other letters out there please let me know.
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    Very nice. Love the Marks of Distinction.
    Main wants: Schneider Cup RPA, OEL 1/1s and highends
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    Awesome Lundqvists, especially the duals with Lehner and Davidson. Congratulations.
    Most Wanted: 1995-96 Finest Refractors #99 Mark Messier.
    2003-04 Parkhurst Rookie Jersey and Sticks #SJ3 Mark Messier,
    2006-07 Flair Showcase #248 Henrik Lundqvist

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    Very nice additions
    "Sell crazy someplace else, we're all stocked up here". Jack Nicholson
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    Very nice haul! I love seeing nice nameplate letters in S&T posts.
    - Kevin

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    Those Genuine Letters complement your awesome Lundqvist collection perfectly! That's a seriously tough subset to complete, but I'll keep my eyes peeled.
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