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    Trent Richardson Prestige Patch/Auto FT

    $60 SV, trading for whatever catches my eye especially Cowboys

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    i have this... pm if interested

    I collect Star QBs, RBs, and any booklets.Hidden Content

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    oles- pm sent
    erc- thanks but nothing for me

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    pm me if you see anything for it, thanks
    Collecting- things at random.
    "To sin by silence when we should protest makes cowards of men." Hidden Content

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    CMB for the Richardson? Thanks
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    Football: Steelers, Vikings,Former WVU Players
    Basketball: Jerry West & Joe Alexander
    I trade by bv/sv, PC is only FT for other PC item

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    Under the same name on beckett over 180 trades in 2 years. Bring on the offers!
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    Always looking for Cutler rc autos

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    mn & josh - thanks but nothing for me
    shiker - pm coming
    ccc - thanks but not a fan of TTT

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