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    12-13 Artifacts and 11-12 BTP Christmas Break

    Got myself a couple of boxes to put under the tree...the damage:

    12-13 Artifacts:

    Cornett /999 (Edm)
    Schwartz /999 (St. Louis)
    Ducks Redemption

    Duncan Keith /999
    Seabrook /999

    Lidstrom gold /25

    Tundra Tandems:
    Yotes Yandel and OEL jerseys

    Franzen Dual Jersey /125 (both red)

    My happy hits:
    Evander Kane patch /36


    Calvin de Haan Jersey/Patch auto /8

    My BTP was somewhat weak....

    Inserts: Masked Men 4 Ruby: Belfour, Vachon, McLean
    10th Anni: Khabibulin, Bryzgalov
    Autos: Chad Johnson, Keith Hamilton, Bromley
    Game Used: Kent Simpson
    Aspire GU: Irving/Kiprusoff (red/black)

    and then this hit showed up, what I believe saved the box...

    DECADES 1930's Roy Worters jersey, Charlie Gardiner pad, George Hainsworth jersey, Tiny Thompson glove Silver /9
    This card is awesome! This is why I love to break ITG!

    All the cards listed are available for trade or sale...looking for Ryan Miller, Marcus Foligno, some Gil Perreault, will trade for tradebait, but the Quad Decades 30s card is in the PC...UNLESS you have something REALLY nice you are looking to trade me that will replace it in my PC. Probably gonna have to be a Hall of Famer card, as all 4 of these guys are in.

    To be honest, I was hoping this thing was Vezina...always wanted a Vezina...but still, awesome card. Comments welcome, and feel free to PM me.
    Thanks for the look!

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    nice break if your Ducks Redemption is avalaible lmk
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    very nice Dave. Art break was decent - really can't go wrong with two patch cards; and that quad from BTP is awesome. I love the vintage stuff, esp vintage goalie stuff (besides a jumbo stick I still need for my set, that's easily a top hit I'd be hoping to land to join my goalie PC, if that's my box.)
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    I have a sweet sabres patch for sale it a triple spgu patch miller vank myers /15 all sick patches

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    sick quad !!!
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    awesome! did you hold onto the points?
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    Quote Originally Posted by NashLightsLamps View Post
    awesome! did you hold onto the points?
    i have them...considering getting enoug for redemption

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