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    Newly started Vintage PC

    A few months ago I decided to sell off about $8-9 k in newer cards and put in savings, just wasn't thrilled with buying high end autos of players who generally stink after a few years and a big money suck hole lol (hope I didn't offend anyone but I don't need to own a contenders Brady auto or a chrome luck auto - base RC is just fine with me and the wallett lol)

    So I decided to go back to roots on cards I personally can appreciate and do a HOF PC of just non auto base. Mainly because it's affordable for me and I don't have to worry about price swings, etc etc.

    im going slow but here's what I got so far below.

    Also, if anyone has any raw mint centered HOF from Topps 1987 to present let me know and maybe we can work a trade. I'm mainly doing PSA graded 1986 and older unless I run across a clean card (Campbell below).
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    Wow. Awesome vintage cards, especially the Sweetness and the Montana.
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