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    Best Christmas Gift Pull

    Every year, around this season. I am reminded of my best pull that came as a gift from a cousin of mine. It was 2009 we had a get together with the whole family. My cousin, who collects as well, bought 2 2009 Absolute Memorabilia Football boxes. One was for himself while the other was a gift to me. We both sat down and began breaking them. As we began breaking them, my uncle, started ranting on about how much money we waste with this "stupid" hobby. We both ignored him as we started our break.

    I remember, we opened the thick packs first and didn't get anything significant. We were down to one pack each and my cousin opened his pack first. I think he got a JPP auto. As I looked at this thin pack, i thought, "this is going to suck." LOL.

    The cardboard Gods must have been with me on this snowy day as I pull my first Peyton Manning Autograph. My hands shook and the uncle that was taunting us, went silent. I could not believe this pull. I held my hand out to show it to everyone. Finally, I turned the card around to see the numbering and almost broke down, in disbelief. This by far is the best pull of my life. I thought I would share. Thanks for reading.

    Collecting Adrian Peterson, Vincent Jackson, Philip Rivers

    Bounty: $50 Finder's fee (I must be able to acquire) for 2011 Certified Philip Rivers 1/1 Mirror Black (Auto or Non Auto)
    $75 Finder's fee (I must be able to acquire) for 2014 Flawless Vincent Jackson Auto 1/1

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    That sounds like so much fun. Opening up boxes on christmas with family members as it is snowing. Man that would be awesome!

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    Great card but an even greater story!! Thanks for sharing an awesome memory, something that no one can take away from you, priceless!!
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    wow. what a story man that is one nice Peyton

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    Great story (99% of people in Australia think spending money on cards is a waster of money) and even better card!!!
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    That's an awesome card, man. That's what it's all about.
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    Does your cousin hate you now? cause that is a great pull
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    Very cool card and story. Thanks for sharing.

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