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    trading from the bay (how much is too much??

    Im in the process of trading for a 1/1 rc nameplate for my pc on the bay.when trading from your own collection w no real pp available, how much is too much to trade for a card of that caliber

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    It depends entirely on the card, the set, the player, and the present owner's assertion of its value. There's no such thing as a defined value on a 1/1. Is it a game-used letter (i.e. By The Letter) or a manufactured patch letter?

    Whether it's from a guy on eBay or a trading site or a card shop has no bearing - it's entirely between you and your deal partner to work out an idea of its value.
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    Its a nameplate from a stick. His posted price is 1,499 which is a little rediculous, im just not gonna give up all of my non pc for it lol

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    Oh, so a Dominion Had It, Stamped It or a Cup Property Of... - these are tough.

    To be honest, I'm not personally very big on stick cards. I say this as a guy that owns an entire game-used stick and paid much, much less for it directly from the team than I have seen people pay for a little sliver of a stick from the same player. To each their own, as it were. If it's a current player, I would imagine that just about anybody can do something similar to what I did. If it's a retired player, and likely therefore a legend of the game, obviously these aren't as accessible. You'll need to assess just how much having that card means to you and your collection vis-a-vis what you already have. Try to find similar cards of the same player, or similar cards of comparable players, to see if you can talk him down in price. Negotiate, but be fair.

    Hope it works out for you.
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    At time some person ask crazy price for 1/1. I only go for a 1/1 if the value is reasonable. I collect Carey price and you can constantly see 1/1 with sky high price asking more then his rookie card of the cup. Make no sense to me to fetch so much money because it's stamp as 1/1. I can understand some getting the 1/1 rookie sheild as this does stand out from other 1/1 but I usually stay far from investing that much in one card. There are some many 1/1 available for Carey price that I only will go for it if I feel the price asking is cheep. I got one from a regular release for 100$. Just a serial 1/1 with sticker auto but I can say I have one LOL.

    So it's really how much you want it and if you need to put all you cards in such deal, maybe it's not worth it. In the end there is so many serial card and while it increase value, don't fall into paying to much because you probably miss on other many nice cards you could aquire for the same ammount and be much more happy with those many cards then that one card.

    Yet it's always un to have one big card in a collection just to say you have it. But has to be a prime player at that price. Anything else is overpaying.
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