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    Quote Originally Posted by BayAreaJavy View Post
    that sucks im on pacific time and im still at work around that time. :(
    It will be recorded, and I will post the results in the thread as soon as I get them :)
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    I am very sorry guys....I was on to pick and was gonna send payment...but internet was going out on me kept kicking me off....mediacom for ya....oh well....sorry I held yall up....but was beyond my control....maybe next time
    Added stuff Tradelist.....Still rebuilding tho.
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    PM sent Bryan - I am going live now, if anyone wants to hop in for a few. The ransom will happen right at 5 PM. Eastern. Sorry guys on the west coast - It will be recorded on blogtv.
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    RANDOM IS DONE - It is recorded on the blogtv. Here are the results!

    There were 24 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

    1. mikiefootball
    2. loloutloud
    3. Dshoblo
    4. hotfoot992000
    5. mikiefootball
    6. SgtAJC
    7. NBSII
    8. bscook86
    9. mikiefootball
    10. arfmax
    11. mikiefootball
    12. loloutloud
    13. arfmax
    14. BayAreaJavy
    15. bscook86
    16. SgtAJC
    17. raw5060
    18. raw5060
    19. hotfoot992000
    20. DUCKanay
    21. cccupps420
    22. NBSII
    23. raw5060
    24. mattleegee

    Timestamp: 2013-01-07 22:02:50 UTC
    You have randomized this list 5 times.

    CONGRATS Mikie. We are going to try our best to break this on Sunday Night. i will give you a definite in the next couple days.
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    how do i watch the random video?

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    if anyone selling a top 10 spot let me know how much you want, paypal ready

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    My spots are FS/FT

    Looking to buy in the top 5
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    my spot is fs also
    Under the same name on beckett over 180 trades in 2 years. Bring on the offers!
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    Always looking for Cutler rc autos

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