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    cowboys refractors, or serial numbered
    andrew luck
    peyton manning
    tom brady
    aaron rodgers
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    cowboys site that is also for trade
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    Lamichael James?
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    2011 topps chrome autos sepia /99

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    Ray Lewis anything
    Robert Griffin rc
    Davis Wilson auto

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    Kellen Moore? Thanks
    Kellen Moore Super-Collector!!!!
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    Buying/Selling: If Im the seller I will post, If your the seller I would appreciate if you post. Just my preference. Thanks

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    Russell Wlson, Andrew Luck, and your Tall Boys. Thanks!
    Main PC: Detroit Red Wings and Alex Morgan
    Minor PC: Max Fried and Tyler Pike
    Continous PC: USA Olympians
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    Andrew luck , RG3 and Russell Wilson,patriots colored ,peyton manning colored , and any colored
    Tom Brady , Aaron Rodgers , Andrew Luck , Cam Newton , Mike Trout ,Bryce Harper , Derek Jeter , ARod , Pujols, HOF's and Top Prospects , Lebron James , Kobe Bryant ,Michael Jordan , Rondo ,Durant ,Patriots ,Yankees ,Celtics ,Redsoxs ,Packers and
    many others I collect

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    Base Autos
    Always looking for new Dodger Items!

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    Russell Wilson,Nick Foles,Trent Richardson,Lamichael James,Michael Floyd,AJ Jenkins all colored Refractors

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    Please use a blank to cover any jersey window while shipping.
    I'm sorry my HOF collection is NOT for trade unless it's in my autos bucket.

    "If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything."
    Let one walk alone, committing no sin, with few wishes and no qualms.
    Nescit cedere

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    any lamichael james colored refractors?
    I Like: Russell Wilson, 49ers, Alfred Morris.

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