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    Sick Kaepernick Patch 7/10 HIS JERSEY #!!!!

    If you're into the Ebay 1/1's this would be one. $100 SV looking to trade for a HOFer QB auto or nice rc.

    Peyton Manning
    Tom Brady
    Joe Montana
    Dan Marino
    Adrian Peterson
    Jerry Rice

    Maybe the following if its really nice

    John Elway
    Calvin Johnson
    Troy Aikman
    Joe Namath
    AJ Green
    Barry Sanders
    Emmitt Smith

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    What's your absolute best price dlvd if selling?

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    I Got 83.00 if I can pay 83 dlvd paypal goods please post it and pm me your paypal addy and post the deal

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    IVe been taken for within the last year a few times on some decent sized deals i and rather just do goods. I know your good for it but when buying it's just what I prefer to use and I try and keep it fair because buyers see I pay a certain individual by gift and they expect the same from me also . I hope you understand I can do 83.00 but if not.. No worries. Btw it's a Sick card

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    ok Ill pass for now. thanks
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    Ok... After the fees it's still 80 and some change so you would be getting what your asking for .. But thanks for the oppritunity and good luck with the sale

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    give me one second Ill PM you. Im trying to get a Brady Chrome RC but if not its yours for $83 goods!
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    Quote Originally Posted by SalukiGuy View Post
    give me one second Ill PM you. Im trying to get a Brady Chrome RC but if not its yours for $83 goods!
    ill do the trade with my brady chrome bgs 9 , let meknow if you like me to post the trade or your gonna do now ,thanks
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    many others I collect

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