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    Lot FS Kobe, Jordan, Shaq, Howard Auto, Gilmore Auto, Gasol Prime, Garnett, Elliott

    Resale Lot, see links to the scans, $50 dlvd OBO, (Check out some of my other two lots, willing to deal a little if more are purchased) Sales: Howard Auto $20, Gilmore Auto/25 $15-20+?, Kenny Anderson /60 $10, Kobe $2-4, Gasol Prime $3+, 4 Jordans $3+, plust the other Auto's and Jerseys and RCs at about $0.50 each
    Just the Basketball here: Jrue HolidayRC w/ Abdul-Jabbar /25, plus the Malone and Shaq
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    I collect Darren Sproles, Daniel Thomas, T. Newman, other KStaters, Eric Hosmer and KC Royals, KC Chiefs and Jimmy Graham. Please PM with any questions.

    Thanks, James

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