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    GTSM Show April 26-28 Somerset, New Jersey--Looking for Info

    Was wondering if anyone is going to this and has been to a GTSM show before? It seems mostly for in person autographs of big time names but not interested in that, would only be interested in the card side of things. As in singles(NOT VINTAGE) and some hobby boxes. Just wondering if anyone can help me out would hate to pay the $10 admission and then buy nothing. Can't seem to find any info on their shows as far as card tables/dealers. Thanks

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    I have wondered the same thing about their shows. Curious to see what peoples experience has been.
    I collect Red Sox, Bears, Penguins, Celtics, Brian Urlacher, Sidney Crosby and Mario Lemieux cards. Need 1959 Topps Baseball cards for a set (early stages). If you have a large Photobucket, please list what you have from my wants.
    My cards come from smoke free environment, so please be upfront if your cards are not. Also if your cards are creased or bent, be honest about it.

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